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Moss&Lam Canvas

Wallcoverings | Season One


Moss&Lam is pleased to announce Moss&Lam Canvas, a line of seamless hand painted canvas wallcoverings that represent a calm and collected series of pattern and colorways. This inaugural offering of seven patterns reflects some of the studio’s core favorites based on techniques developed and mastered over the past 30 years. Unique to this product is the lack of traditional wallcovering seams and repetition enabled by our materials and processes.

We work with paint on canvas in the tradition of artists before us but explore pattern, scale and color in a way that responds to the aesthetics and moods of the contemporary world. Our vocabulary is woven cloth, paint and colour – an endless array of possibilities but Moss&Lam Canvas Wallcovering is what we want to share with you right now. Our initial story is presented in seven patterns and a range of colors. How you use them becomes your text, your expression. We would be honored to join you in your story.


Season One Patterns:




Linen Fade  

Ombre Watermark

Ombre Fade

Ombre Basket Weave


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