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Moss & Lam is an art studio established in 1987 by Deborah Moss and Edward Lam. Under the creative direction of Deborah Moss, our team of highly skilled artists create art and objects that appeal to our desire for things that are imaginative, whimsical, beautiful and authentic. For 30 years Moss & Lam has been commissioned by the world’s leading interior designers and architects to create custom artworks, large-scale bespoke wall surfaces, 3 Dimensional art installations, as well as furniture and accessories for international hospitality and retail luxury brands. Our passion for materials allows us to create inspired, and unique solutions for any area. Moss & Lam uses a broad artistic and stylistic vocabulary to beautify and enhance the design of any space. All of our work is hand produced, using a wide range of materials including plaster, paint, ceramic and glass, as well as wood, leather and textile materials. We explore the qualities of surface and the purity and substance of material and form. Merging many techniques and media, we create unique artworks that meet the decorative and atmospheric demands of the project.