Moss & Lam focuses on the entire design process: from initial concepts, sample creation, and in-house fabrication, to completion of installation. Our team of designers and artists will work closely with clients to understand the design direction as well as the spatial qualities to develop inspired concepts. We study each project through composition options, material research, concept sketches, digital renderings, and shop drawings, which leads to creating art technique samples that the client could visualize. Following sample approval, Moss & Lam will start custom production and fabrication of each artwork in our studio while developing an installation plan and method which will ensure all artworks are seamlessly integrated into the space and design. We will also take care of the packing and delivery of artworks to site. If required Moss & Lam will install all the artworks on site, or provide detailed instruction for installation so that client or contractor can hire local knowledgeable trade to install the art. Upon completion of installation Moss & Lam will provide maintenance manuals, detailing how to care and maintain the artwork.